Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What Happens Next?

The times I've looked away from you,
You've made your path apparent.
Why is it so unclear now,
In the midst of your presence?

I see your work, in retrospect.
The path already given me.
It is beautiful to see.

I could spend my life walking backwards;
Studying your great work.
What a fool I would be.

To gaze upon the perfect past
Is to miss the perfect plan.

What happens next, my God?

The path behind me,
So wondrous and so clear.
Yet the path before me shadowed.
Shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.

Father, let us whisper now.
What happens next?

My eyes are shielded, perhaps with doubt.
Poised, my foot lifted, I am ready to take a step.
Which direction shall I go?

If this knowledge is to be withheld
Until it comes to pass,
Then bless my mortal patience, Lord.

Forgive my constant questioning.
For I wait anxiously to know,
What happens next?
In which direction should I go?

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