Thursday, September 17, 2015

I saw that we haven't updated this in a really long here's our crew now....

Gabe is playing football at Ridgeview Middle School and for an organization called the Wranglers.  He's an awesome kid, smart and I can't believe almost a teenager.   

Noah is doing gymnastics.  He's been doing it for a few months now and is really getting better.  He likes it a lot.  I think he likes that he gets one-on-one attention from us when he goes too.  Noah loves to tell stories.  He adds details that may or may not be true but he just wants your attention.  He loves to climb on EVERYTHING

Joel is our funny guy.  He is also playing football for the Wranglers.  It's his first year in tackle but is LOVING it.  It's so nice to see him liking something.  If you come to our house, he'll show you his helmet.  :) 

We are really busy with these three.  Football is pretty much our life right now.  Practice for Joel is three days a week.  Gabe goes to school at 6:30 for the middle school practice and has practice 2 other days of the week for the Wranglers.  We have games on Mondays and Saturdays. Gymnastics is Wednesdays.  We are thinking of starting our own life group again at the church we have recently joined and I've agreed to teach the 5th graders on Sunday mornings.  Throw in  Jonathan making trips back to Tallahassee every so often and we are just one basket of craziness.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Ella...

Today, the boys and I went for a walk around Lake Ella and fed some ducks. I tried to get a few pictures of them because it is always so beautiful there however...they really didn't cooperate. Here's a few!



Joel a few days before his 2nd Birthday!!!

Crazy boys!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A weekend with no boys!!!

Last Saturday morning, Jonathan & I drove to Blounstown to meet my Mom. My parents decided to take all three boys for the weekend since Jonathan and I had to be in Gainesville early on Tuesday morning. This is the first time I have been away from the boys over night since Joel was born and away for a few days since Gabe was born. WAY OVER DUE!!! Saturday was fun, we went to a Birthday party with no kids. It was great not being stressed about the boys and not sweating from chasing after them. We then went to a few stores that we wouldn't want to take three boys in. We just enjoyed the afternoon. Later we grilled steaks! After about 2 hours of being home it was just way too quiet so we went to Books a Million. It was so nice not to have to go to the kiddie section. We each got something yummy to drink and just sat reading our books. AAH!!!

Sunday, we skipped church. Sorry Pastor Matt! We slept in (very rare at our house) and drove to St. George Island for the day. It was wonderful. We enjoyed just sitting and doing nothing. Jonathan built a sand castle even with no kids around or bucket & shovel. We also got to see some dolphins not twenty feet from us. I tried to catch a picture but like kids...they move too fast. We loved not having to bring an entire car load to the beach and just enjoyed each other! When we got home we met up with Brad and June and went to Olive Garden (one of my favorites) which is way to expensive to take all three kids. Then the four of us went to Seminole Bowling. What a fun day & night!

The castle!

St. George Lighthouse

Monday, Jonathan had to work so I slept in, went for a walk and then took my time at the grocery store. I then put all the groceries away and cleaned a little bit. I think I even took a nap! I later went to the gym and just had a relaxing night of NO arguing, fighting, or whatever ever else my boys can do. (All which they are doing right this very second! HA!)

Tuesday morning around 4:30 we were off to Gainesville, which is a separate blog. What did I learn from being away from my boys??? That I love them very much and our life has become very noisy but entertaining. I enjoyed spending time with my husband. We could have grown up conversations and even do things without planning. I loved how we picked on each other like we used to and could even laugh when one of us said something really dumb and not have to explain it to a six year old that has to know everything. Jonathan did still catch me spelling out things even with no kids around. Overall, the most adult conversations I think we have had in a very long time. Thank goodness for Grandparents!

Kelly's Health News...

Last Tuesday, Jonathan and I traveled to Shands in Gainesville to find out exactly how bad my bladder was and to confirm my IC diagnosis. After a few hours of waiting to be called's finally my turn. The doctor explains that they are doing a "simple" procedure to find out the capacity of my bladder...the procedure takes 10 minutes but I have to be put to sleep because it can be painful. I wake a lot of pain. The nurses give me tons of pain medicine to try to help me but nothing is helping. I finally am able to get up and go to the bathroom and find a little relief however now I feel like I am about to be sick. They get me back into the rolling recliner and finally wheel me to Jonathan. After several doses of nausea medicine and another bag of fluids...Jonathan then tells me the NEWS!

A normal bladder for a female my age should hold 1000 cc's. Someone with IC's bladder will hold around 750 cc's. My bladder would only hold 450 cc's. WHAT?!? The doctor was able to stretch my bladder to hold 500 however there is nothing he can do to fix the damage. Wow! No wonder I have been miserable the last year and had these problems most of my life!!! I go back in a few weeks, July 7th, to see what else there is to do and to be put on the only medication prescribed for IC. So, please just keep me in your prayers. It's great to know what has been going on but also not so nice to know you have a very damaged bladder!

Jonathan took my picture right before I went in for the procedure!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009 Pictures

All three boys Easter Sunday!

Gabe's Baptism

Gabe was so excited & the water was SOOO cold!

Both boys ready before their t-ball games at the same time....different fields. The fun begins.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gabe's Witness

This morning, Kelly was dropping Gabriel off at school. You'll remember in my last post I said he is being baptized this week. Well, his teacher pulled Kelly aside and said, "Yesterday, Gabe told me he was going to be baptized this weekend." Kelly confirmed this and the teacher continued. "When he told me that, another little boy asked 'What does Baptized mean?'" The teacher told Kelly that she couldn't answer that question or talk about religion, so she just acted busy with her papers. The little boy then looked to Gabe. Gabriel told him what it was and meant. What happened next was amazing. The teacher said that the boy asked Gabe how you get baptized. Gabe's first reaction was "Well, you go talk to Pastor Matt..." I laughed when I heard that. But then he stopped and said..."actually, first you need to have Jesus in your heart." The little boy and Gabe apparently talked a little while longer and the boy responded by saying..."I don't go to church so I didn't know what baptism was, but now I want to ask my mom and dad if they'll take me to church so I can be baptized!" The teacher said it was awesome. She told Kelly that she couldn't have answered the boys questions any better. I was amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit has begun using Gabe. He just had his first witnessing experience and God spoke through him. Praise God for surrounding Gabe and for speaking through him yesterday. I hope he continues being a light of Christ.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gabriel's Baptism

I am so very proud of Gabriel. Last night, he and I had a conversation with our Pastor and Gabriel is going to be baptized on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009!! The Holy Spirit has been at work on Gabe for a couple of months. He has been asking a lot of questions and Kelly and I have talked with him at length about everything. After he started asking so many questions, I decided to walk with him through several versus in the Bible and really get an understanding of where he was. Then, one night after we'd talked, I was putting him to bed and he called for me. I went to his bedside and he said he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart. So, we talked for a few minutes and I made sure he knew what that meant and really understood it. I was satisfied with his answers and I helped him pray. That night, my oldest son became a Christian! We then went to visit with Matt, our Pastor and he asked Gabe some tougher questions than I did, admittedly. Gabe was not quite comprehending eternity and destinations, etc. completely, so Matt didn't think he was totally ready. So, we didn't push him and we just kept talking with him occasionally about everything. Then a couple of weeks ago, Gabe started asking and saying some very interesting things. Finally, when I asked him how long you stay in Heaven and he proceeded to tell me "Forever...well, at least until new Heaven..." (I never told him about new earth) and he continued explaining to me that he was referring to when heaven and earth come together (thank you Awana and G-Force) I knew he was ready. So, again...we went to see Matt and Gabriel knew and understood everything. Matt said he was ready and we are having a baptism service on Sunday!! I am really kind of beside myself with this. It all came about so fast and I can only hope I've been and will be a good Christian example for him. The road isn't easy and this is a journey that he is just now beginning. But, I know where the road leads and that Gabriel is with God.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hulu and the Masters of the Universe

Alright, so I've just recently (Superbowl ads do work) discovered Hulu and I must say...awesome! Having full episodes of your favorite shows virtually commercial free (they play VERY short ads occasionally) is just plain, well, awesome. However, it's also like crack, so be careful.

Anyway, I just discovered something about Hulu that I didn't expect. It has brought my sons and I together in a way that wouldn't have been possible without it. We now share a bond that will never be broken, for it was forged in the fires of Eternia; in the halls of Castle Greyskull. Yes, my sons and I have discovered full episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!!! And, I am proud to say that my sons wanted to watch episode after episode and I didn't just say yes...I said "I HAVE THE POWER!!!" and clicked play! It was AWESOME!!!

It was so cool seeing them glued to a little bit of my past and seeing what I probably looked like when I was glued to it in 1983! When I finally decided to make them go to bed...they ran to Gabe's room and grabbed the three or four surviving He-Man toys from my childhood (yes, I still have them) and we're going crazy as He-Man, Skeletor and King Randor. For the first time, they now understood why those toys are so DANG COOL! And, when I heard Gabe yell, "I have the powerrrrr!!" as he held He-Man aloft...there might have been a tear...and this time, I didn't cringe when they smacked them together...for now they understand the awesomeness of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe!