Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gabe's Witness

This morning, Kelly was dropping Gabriel off at school. You'll remember in my last post I said he is being baptized this week. Well, his teacher pulled Kelly aside and said, "Yesterday, Gabe told me he was going to be baptized this weekend." Kelly confirmed this and the teacher continued. "When he told me that, another little boy asked 'What does Baptized mean?'" The teacher told Kelly that she couldn't answer that question or talk about religion, so she just acted busy with her papers. The little boy then looked to Gabe. Gabriel told him what it was and meant. What happened next was amazing. The teacher said that the boy asked Gabe how you get baptized. Gabe's first reaction was "Well, you go talk to Pastor Matt..." I laughed when I heard that. But then he stopped and said..."actually, first you need to have Jesus in your heart." The little boy and Gabe apparently talked a little while longer and the boy responded by saying..."I don't go to church so I didn't know what baptism was, but now I want to ask my mom and dad if they'll take me to church so I can be baptized!" The teacher said it was awesome. She told Kelly that she couldn't have answered the boys questions any better. I was amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit has begun using Gabe. He just had his first witnessing experience and God spoke through him. Praise God for surrounding Gabe and for speaking through him yesterday. I hope he continues being a light of Christ.

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