Saturday, April 21, 2007

Busy Week!

Well we survived a long week of Jonathan being in California! From a trip to the hospital for more monitoring, to glucose testing, a doctor's visit, painting the baby's room and the end to T-Ball.'s been a week! I was having some pains and contractions but all is well with that and according to a test that was least I am not going into labor the next two weeks. The baby still is not playing fair so we can't get a definite 100% on the sex. Which leads to painting the baby's room a nice neutral tan. I want to get the room painted and clean while I still have some energy to do it. (The boys helped...Noah painted the closet doors, the walls and the back of the baby's dresser too!) Today we finished T-Ball with the last game and went to the church for Gabe to get his first trophy. He's so proud!

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