Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This blog is all about our sweet Joel! He loves food! He will eat ALL DAY LONG! We will feed him dinner and then the rest of us will eat and he wants to eat what we are eating. He no longer wants baby food...he wants the real stuff! With no teeth I was being careful what I gave him, but he will grab it from you! He reminds me of a hungry dog (sorry but he does!) Yesterday, I put some leftover pizza (from lunch) in the garbage to clean up the kitchen and I put Joel in his walker. I went into my room to change my clothes. I was only gone for a few minutes and saw him in the walker at my door with red stuff all over him and the biggest smile. I freaked for a second thinking he was bleeding but upon further examination I noticed the entire slice of pizza in his hand almost demolished. He was a mess! I went to take it from him and he screamed! He had eaten the majority of it anyway so I just let him enjoy the rest. To calm any fears from the pizza being in the was sticking out on top of papers b/c the garbage was full and it was only in the garbage probably 5 seconds (you know the rule...5 seconds!) before he grabbed it out! In the past week I have taken leaves, Easter grass and a puzzle piece out of his mouth! When it comes to food or anything he can put in his's fair game to Joel! That's one hungry boy! HA!

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Jonathan Conrad said...

If there's anything I've taught my's that you don't throw away good pizza.