Friday, July 21, 2006

Circle of Life...

Now that you're done humming the theme to Lion King, let us proceed with my thoughts. Today is my birthday. I'm now officially in my late twenties (We pause now for every person over 30 to groan). I have been thinking of my parents in realtion to this day.

I am the youngest of three. The only son. I wondered to myself what they would have been like 27 years ago. Two children. Pre-Jonathan. What a different world that must have been, eh? No! You can't go back! Here is the scary part. They were both my age. How weird it is to realize that I am officially half of my parents age. I'm sure they'll love reading it when I put it this way....they've doubled in age since my birth!! (Sorry, guys.) I have that affect. People seem to age significantly in my prescence.

Anyway, I have been wondering how different they were then, if at all. My parents have always been the source of wisdom that I rely on. Yet, when I was born...they were only 27 year old parents wondering what the next day would bring. It is so hard to think of your parents It makes me realize, as a 27 year old father of two, that I have big shoes to fill. So...what will I be like in 27 years? July 21st, I come.

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