Thursday, October 16, 2008


I thought in honor of Noah turning FOUR years old this week; I'd take the time to blog about NOAH! Here's a picture of him on his Birthday (10/14/08) helping me frost the cupcakes...well...actually eating the frosting. It's the best part!

I don't know where the time has gone. Just seems like yesterday he was born and now he's FOUR! Well, I am really blessed & thankful for my Noah! He is so very entertaining! You never know what will come out of his mouth! You know the kid...that waits for the worst time EVER to tell your friends..."My mommy farted in the car!" You jokingly say...that Noah will say anything...hoping they believe you! The past few weeks, he's been on a soccer team. I wouldn't say Noah plays soccer because he doesn't. Maybe for a minute or two and then decides it's a lot of work to run and he is done! It's been very entertaining to watch 3-4 year olds play soccer and to think that kids that age can get it! Well, not Noah, but it's sure been fun trying to figure out ways to get him to play for a few seconds. He's coming around with two games left! HA! Sports just may not be his thing but it's been entertaining!

Noah is also a very hands on child. He thought he would finger paint on the computer, keyboard & printer with TOOTHPASTE. Also, after applying red lipstick to his cheeks and fingers thought my carpet would look better RED than tan...he rubbed his fingers in the carpet.(Red was not his color) Another time after watching Mommy clean out the tub he decided the carpet was dirty and had a blast making designs with Soft Scrub in the carpet. (Daddy was called home with this incident!) My favorite is when he was almost 2 years old...we had blue sand in the sandbox outside and Noah decided his diaper was wet and took it off. He was only wearing the diaper and a cowboy scarf so when he took off the diaper...he was naked with except the red scarf & blue sand all over his body! It's the funniest picture! Obviously won't post that one! Oh, sweet Noah! You are such a little explorer!

There is also such a wonderful sweet side to him. He constantly follows me around the house with his Thomas sleeping bag and Farmyard Tales book(by USBOURNE...great book!) asking me to read to him. (He says it's MY favorite book...but it's really his!) He likes to sit right beside you (well actually it's on top of you) and read books! I love his laid back personality! He is very easy going and sweet natured. He loves to help! He likes to unload the silverware from the dishwasher and when I go to the grocery store...he's the first out the door telling me he'll help bring them inside! So it's been 4 years since God blessed us with this ball of energy and I am so thankful! There is never a dull moment with him and I look forward to all the other entertaining things ahead! (I am a little nervous & scared though!) My little pumpkin, I love you very much!


Jonathan Conrad said...

It's all his mommy's fault. He doesn't take after me at all. :)

I love you too Noah! You keep us all on our toes.

Joy said...

I loved your thoughts on Noah. He is really a sweet boy and I love his little smile!