Monday, August 21, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I took Gabe to Celebration Baptist Church to participate in their Awana Program. He acted like a typical three year old on the way there...timid. "Mommy, will you stay with me?" I promised I would!
We get there and I register him and then we sit down in the gym on the floor. Meanwhile there are tons of other children running around the gym playing with balls and just having a great time. Gabe asks if he can play too. I said sure! He gets a ball and starts playing and this older boy comes and tries to take it from him. Immediatly the mommy in me is thinking "You better give my kid that ball back!" But, I just sat there for a minute to see what was going to happen. Ended up, Gabe and this boy had a wonderful time. To the boy's surprise, Gabe could snatch the ball and chase after him as well as he. They played for awhile and then....other BIG BOYS started playing keep away from my baby. Again...mommy instinct kicks in and I tell them that playing keep away isn't nice and they should play together. Gabe just kept chasing them. He didn't care. Gabe actually ended up with the ball at one point and ran for his little life. A mean BIG BOY pushed him down right on the gym floor. My brave son got up and just kept on chasing them. Gabe taught me that he is big enough to take care of himself even when BIG BOYS play keep away from him. I left the gym feeling so proud of my little guy for standing up to those boys!
On the way to his class he quietly looked up at me and said, "You're not going to leave me are you?" Just kind of made it sweeter~

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